Twitter: A new way to connect

Twitter is one social media platform that holds benefits for a wide rage of people and industries.  Across the board, companies are finding that Twitter allows them to connect with potential customers in a way that traditional marketing methods never have.  According to Tom Humbarger, Twitter can help companies build a better reputation, market their products more effectively, and engage with customers.  Musicians are attracted to Twitter for these same reasons.  As with large companies, the kind of reputation an artist has is integral to their success.  An artist’s reputation can affect the way they are viewed in the professional sphere, as well as with fans.  A good reputation can mean a loyal fan base and strong professional relationships, according to Louis Oliveros.  The subject and tone of an artist’s Twitter has a major impact on the artist’s reputation.  Artists should be conscious of this whenever they post something on Twitter.  In addition to building a reputation, Twitter can help artists market their music to fans in a way that allows both parties to benefit.  The two-way communication that occurs on Twitter makes it possible for artists to promote themselves without fans feeling like they are being subjected to an advertisement.  Also, marketing with Twitter is ultimately more effective because artists can communicate directly with a narrower, more responsive audience, according to Dj Naves.  The two-way communication that Twitter facilitates provides artists with another advantage: increased fan engagement.  Artists who use Twitter well can not only communicate to fans but also listen to what they are saying.  Breaking down the barrier that has traditionally separated artists and fans can create much more meaningful relationships, which are essential to the careers of artists and musicians.


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