Foursquare: Revolutionizing the concert experience

For those of us who have never used or even heard of Foursquare, it might be helpful to start with a little background information.  Foursquare is a social media site that is centered around real time interaction with real life places.  According to Chris Catania, users can “check in” at various locations via Foursquare’s mobile app.  When users “check in,” they can earn points and rewards.  This adds a competitive edge to Foursquare because the users with the most points can become “mayor” of a specific location.  Foursquare can also be helpful if you want to meet up with friends at a location.  Whenever you check in, you can see all of your friends that have also checked in.  Foursquare is now working on expanding its user base by teaming up with companies who want to use Foursquare as a marketing tool.

SPIN Magazine used Foursquare and last year’s SXSW (South By South West) with great success.  SPIN Magazine had several badges that Foursquare users could earn by accomplishing various feats of festival going endurance.  According to Jennifer Van Grove, the first ten users to earn all the badges won two tickets to a SPIN Magazine’s SXSW showcase.

In a similar fashion, a historic Los Angeles concert venue, The Roxy, has used Foursquare to reward users who “check in” with free CD’s, according to Glenn Peoples.

While Foursquare is still in it’s infancy, it has great potential.  Imagine going to one of the larger music festivals like Bonnaroo or Coachella and using Foursquare to find friends you didn’t know were there, or earning awesome rewards by taking part in a festival-wide scavenger hunt.  Foursquare co-founder, Naveen Selvadurai, also sees potential for artists who use Foursquare.  In the video below, from a recent MIDEM conference, Selvadurai talked about the capabilities Foursquare could offer artists who wanted to give fans the chance to follow them on a day-to-day basis.


From the midem blog.

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