Soundcloud: It’s kind of a big deal

On its face, Soundcloud, a simple platform for artists to upload and share their music, might not seem like the revolutionary tool. However, when you consider the state of music sharing online before Soundcloud, Soundcloud’s simplicity and functionality are quite impressive, according to Luke Lewis. Before Soundcloud, just about the only way for artists to get their music played online was with MySpace music.  From the artist’s perspective, MySpace music has some major shortcomings. First, you can only upload relatively small files on MySpace music.  Which means only low quality files could be uploaded.  For artists who spend a lot of time and money recording their music, this is kind of a slap in the face.  Secondly, MySpace music’s media player doesn’t have an embed function, which is horribly annoying if an artist has the crazy idea of sharing their music on another web venue.  On the other hand, Soundcloud allows artists to upload 120 minutes of high quality music for free, and with a paid account an unlimited amount of music.  Soundcloud also makes it easy for its media player to be embedded on almost any other web platform, so artists can share their songs on Facebook and blogs.  With its artist-first mentality Soundcloud has attracted more than 1 million users according to music week. Now, record labels and music blogs are starting to join in.  Record labels like Domino Recording Co. use Soundcloud to safely release music before the actual album comes out and receive demos from artists.  Music blogs are also using Soundcloud to find out about new artists.


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